18 March 2012

Costume Vocabulary: Ulster Coat

Last night, while reading a pre-1960s Nancy's Mysterious Letter it mentions that George wears an ulster [coat], hat and muffler. I had no idea what an ulster coat was and looked it up. According to wikipedia it originally looked something like this...it's the Sherlock Holmes coat!
It later lost the cape, so the one George would have had would be capeless, like in the image below from this blog.
I could find no pictures of a woman in an ulster. Oh George...But I did find this great ad from the '30s featuring one with a fur collar. I endorse mens coats with fur collars. From here.


  1. There's an old camp song, "Solomon Grundy," that talks about "second-handed ulsterettes and overcoats so fine... ." Could the ulsterette have been the feminine version of the coat? Ulster, North Ireland, is apparently a very rainy city indeed, to have an item of raingear named after it.

    1. If only! The internets tells me it is just a lighter version of an ulster.

  2. due to your general awesomeness in the world of craft, i nominated you for the versatile blogger award! you don't have to do anything... or participate... but if you want to just check out my blog! also, if you already got one, oops and nevermind! xoxo!

  3. LOL @ LinB - I live in Belfast and I can confirm that yep, it's pretty wet over here!

    Lisette, loved this post, especially the last advert. I've never heard of the word "indegoshdarnpendent", but I think I may have to start using it now!

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